Chemical Industry


CIP Station

Plate pasteurizer

The business of the chemical industry is based on change the chemical structure of natural materials to get products of value to other industries or in daily life.

Chemicals are obtained from raw materials-principally minerals, metals and hydrocarbons in a series of processing steps. Further treatments, such as mixing and blending, are often required to convert them into final products like paints, adhesives, medicines and cosmetics. 

The chemical industry covers a very wide field, including also products as artificial fibers, resins, soaps, paints, photographic films and more.

In chemical processing, a wide range of process equipment is required due to numerous procedures, specialized process needs and product variations.

The chemical processing industry has grown rapidly and Steiner has been present at every stage of the process. 

We work with our clients to match the right technology to their needs for a wide range of chemical applications. 

With our deep knowledge of the industry and the technologies used, our know-how in chemical processing is unmatched.

The two main products we offer to meet the requirements of our customers from the Chemical industry are CIP station and Plate Pasteurizer.

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