CIP and SIP units are applied for fully automatic cleaning and disinfection of valves, pumps, tanks, piping systems and filling machines.

Where most stringent hygienic standards apply, sterilization- in-place  (SIP)  with  chemicals  or  steam  takes  place  after  cleaning-in-place  (CIP).

Steiner adapts cleaning  and sterilisation regimes always  to each client’s very specific requirements. Some parts of the plant may be cleaned only with water, while other parts might require detergents,  acids and caustic solutions. Detergents can be rejected after use (“total loss CIP”) or recovered and stored for re-use (“batch CIP”).

Centec provides a large variety of CIP and SIP systems. They can be small and  mobile  or  large  and  stationary  –  including  storage  vessels  for  water  and  detergents.

No matter how complex the requirements may be, Steiner has the appropriate solution and extensive expertise in this field. Therefore all CIP and SIP systems are designed in such a way that optimal cleaning and disinfection is ensured. Furthermore, our equipment  works with the lowest consumption of detergents, water and energy. Based on highly  accurate  conductivity  and  temperature  sensors  and  reliable  flow  meters,  Steiner  CIP  and SIP units stand for efficient and consistently thorough results.