Multicomponent dosing systems

The Steiner multi-component dosing system is used for the continuous and accurate addition of small amounts  of  liquid  ingredients  into  a  main  stream.

There  are  a  large  number  of  applications  in processing  carbonated  or  non-carbonated  food,  beverages,  beer  and  beer  based  mixed  drinks, e.g. adding enzymes, flavours, sweeteners, colours or vitamins. Since the number of additives can be extended to meet individual needs, the compact multi-component dosing system skid provides a high degree of flexibility in manufacturing such products.

Reliable  flow  meters  and  pneumatic  control  valves  permanently monitor and adjust the mass ratios and guarantee repeatable results and minimum product loss. The  modular  design  of  the  process  units  allows  the  easy  expansion.