Steiner – the leading expert in the production and supply of complete process and packaging solutions. We offer technical equipment for a variety of industries such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

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Since 2006, Steiner has been dedicated to improvement of the technical equipment level of industrial enterprises through the introduction of the most advanced technologies.

Today Steiner Group has to branches:

  • Our commercial office is located in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Manufacturing workshop in Warsaw, Poland is equipped with the most efficient machines and highly qualified staff. A team of skilled engineers is in charge of design, quality control and providing innovative, high-quality products and services.

Furthermore Steiner branches have an efficient exchange of data and know-how, thus ensuring our clients can benefit from the latest knowledge and applications in the field of process and packaging systems.

For every of our customers we offer individual technical solutions to ensure that they can provide high-quality products and maintain their good reputation. Moreover, we always ensure to inform the companies about new production technologies and innovations. Therefore our customers recognize us as reliable and long-term business partners.


Steiner not only produces and supplies high-quality process equipment but also offers a wide range of services. Bellow you can find all fields in which we can assist you.

Designing and construction of industrial pipelines with mating appliances, steel and stainless steel construction, machines and devices, service platforms, assembly and welding of acid proof processing installations for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, prefabrication and assembly of mechanical constructions such as landings, stairs platforms and guard rails, complex realization of processing lines equipped with mixers, heat exchangers, pasteurizers, CIP stations and other professional appliances, production lines relocation, execution and assembly of pressure and non-pressure tanks, assembly of refrigeration systems for food industry, assembly of sanitary systems, assembly of steam boilers, thermal installations ,industrial automatics, heat and cold insulations, realization of the untypical orders of our Clients according to their individual projects and requirements, thorough renovations and running repairs


The quality of our products is based on a highly sophisticated production technology which we have improved and refined over. Our efficient automated system is based on accurate planning and preparation of all production processes right down to the very last detail. The requirements of environmentally-friendly production are factored into our production planning as well.

Steiner is well known for the all-round production with state-of-the-art machinery like CIP Stations, Syrup Rooms, Ketchup, Sauce and Mayonnaise Process Equipment, Fluid and Powder Mixing Systems, Plate and Tube Pasteurizers, Component Dosing Systems etc.

Ketchup, Sauce and Mayonnaise Process Equipment
Fluid and powder mixing unit
Multicomponent dosing systems
Plate pasteurizer
CIP Station
Syrup room
SPC group


The company’s production is based on process equipment for food industry, mainly the production of drinks. In addition to that, we supply pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries as well. Due to our own specialized personnel and our modern production plant,  we are able to provide high-quality equipment to all of our customers.

Food industry
Pet Food
Cosmetic industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Chemical industry


Puławska 77 lok. U5,
02-595, Poland
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Steiner Ukraine
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Office 305
Kyiv, 03056, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 044 3907338