Plate pasteurizer

Today, plate pasteurization is well established and leads to long product stability and shelf life. The Steiner plate pasteurization unit gently pasteurizes the product without injuring its colour, taste or digestibility. For optimum results, pasteurization time and temperature have to be individually adjusted to the specific product. The name given to quantify the amount of pasteurization is Pasteurization Unit (PU). One PU is defined as 1 minute of heating at 60 °C. The number of PU’s required for a particular product depends on various factors, such as specific bacteria, type of packaging and anticipated shelf life. A certain PU value can be obtained either by a high temperature applied for a short time, or by a lower temperature applied for a longer time. Based on highly accurate PU control, reliable flow meters and temperature sensors.

Plate pasteurization unit achieves a constant pasteurization quality even for variable product flow. In case the skid is installed directly before the filler, it can easily be expanded by adding a buffer tank.